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Stories from Pete Golis

Golis: Letting the haves have it all

When it comes to income inequality, Americans remain terminally conflicted.

Golis: Revenues going up — now what?

For Californians, this past week was a long time coming.

Golis: On roads less traveled

We are on a road trip designed to take us to parts of California we've never seen.

Golis: A state in search of the old mojo

In hard times, people look for someone to blame, and these are hard times in the valley.

Golis: Hey, take a look around

Some days are like that. The morning news serves up one calamity after another.

Golis: All the way with LBJ?

Bryan Cranston plays Lyndon Johnson as the guy who takes up all the air in the room.

Golis: Finding ourselves in books

A decade ago, I asked readers to recommend books to revive my interest in serious novels.

Golis: Santa Rosa council does what's right

The Santa Rosa City Council has made a decision that affirms a belief in its future.

Golis: Santa Rosa grabs for your cellphone

Who out there is excited about the Santa Rosa City Council's plan to tax your cellphone?

Golis: Reagan, Nixon and me

The Reagan library is worth seeing just for its hilltop setting and the glossy production.

Golis: For Santa Rosa, urgency, as defined

Santa Rosa's plan for Roseland annexation: Four more years of talking.

Golis: Facing drought facts

Without a deluge (or two or three or four), we're going to be in a world of trouble.

Golis: Privacy? What privacy?

Until last week, I tried to pretend that my thermostat wasn't spying on me.

Golis: Neighbors, not always friends

Mumber of chronically homeless people is increasing.

Golis: Calling our better angels

It would be sad to think it took death of 13-year-old boy to teach us there is work to do.

Golis: A closet full of self-esteem

The self-esteem movement began — where else? — in California.

Golis: 50 years of memory and myth

Our judgments of JFK are forever clouded by thoughts of what might have been.

Golis: Agonies of a city divided

It's in nobody's best interest that there are two Santa Rosas.

Golis: Hometown progress on parks

The past week won't be remembered for its feel-good stories about government.

Golis: Common sense, please

The middle class is shrinking, and the gulf between the haves and have-nots is growing.

Golis: Honoring our Latino history

In Sonoma County, about one in four residents today is Latino, and the number is growing.

Golis: Hard times in rural counties

Siskiyou County supervisors declared their intention to secede and form the 51st state.

Golis: Public spaces, livable cities

Big-box stores may be an economic necessity, but they could be anywhere.

Golis: A changing landscape for news

The news industry didn't need to be reminded that technology is changing everything.

Golis: Are the suburbs in decline?

There is evidence that a new generation of Americans may be turning away from suburbia.

GOLIS: Race and the story of America

Race and the politics of race continue to cast a long shadow over the American story.

GOLIS: When news and politics go viral

It was right before midnight and 183,000 of us were watching the Texas state Senate fall apart.

GOLIS: Dads in this time and place

I feel lucky to have come along when fathers were more engaged with their children, and I'll bet most of my peers feel the same.

GOLIS: Notes to the class of 2013

In many ways, the Class of 2013 has an understanding of how to deal with a rapidly changing world. The same can't be said for their elders.

GOLIS: Standing by Boston - even as we leave

BOSTON - On Monday afternoon, we were sitting in an airplane about to leave the gate at Boston's Logan airport when my cellphone buzzed.

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