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Monday's Letters to the Editor

No display of mercy

EDITOR: In response to the horrific murders of three Jewish teens in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Palestinians were animals, unlike the Israelis who were merciful. Merciful?

On BBC World, I saw thousands of Israelis marching shoulder to shoulder yelling, “Kill the Arabs, kill the Arabs.” Merciful?

The next day, Jewish settlers kidnapped and burned alive a Palestinian teen. “Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay,” Netanyahu said.

“Beyond Netanyahu's accusations of Hamas responsibilities, there is no evident link between the abduction and the Hamas leader-ship in the Gaza Strip,” Joel Greenberg wrote in his Financial Times article.

Greenberg said that Israel is retaliating and killing many people, and, according to Israeli official, Lt. Col Peter Lerner, the country doesn't need any proof to do so. All Palestinians are the same, and an aggressive act by one makes them all guilty without proof. Mercy?

Netanyahu only understands an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, or perhaps 100 eyes for one eye. Apparently one Jewish life is much more valuable than one Palestinian life.



Violation of rights

EDITOR: District Attorney Jill Ravitch should have charged Deputy Erick Gelhaus with murder for killing Andy Lopez. Lopez had a Second Amendment right to bear even a real, loaded firearm on a public street that “shall not be infringed.”

The Second Amendment was Lopez's nationwide gun permit. Gelhaus had a duty to honor that right. Gelhaus unreasonably turned Lopez's peaceful, lawful conduct into a death sentence, which screams usurpation, police state and no due process of law.

Peacefully carrying even a real, loaded gun in public in a non-threatening manner is not a crime or a threat. Gelhaus, at most, should have observed Lopez. Instead of observing, Gelhaus, from behind Lopez, ordered Lopez to drop the gun. That order was illegal. Lopez had a right to keep and bear what he carried.

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